Coffee Cups and Lids, Drink Carry Trays

Our Range Of  Cardboard Coffee Cups

Looking for a coffee cup that is affordable and is double walled to save your hands being scolded after purchasing a take away coffee? Our Ripple Wrap range comes in three different colour ranges and sizes. You also have a choice of a button lid or a spout in black or white. All you need to do is decide which combination best suits your requirements.

We also stock the Triple wall range which as the name suggests has a triple thickness wall, giving you even more protection between your hands and the hot drink in the cup.  You also have the choice of black or white lids to suit this range.

The Triple Wall Range also has a 4oz cup great for babychinos or for those hardcore coffee lovers who want an espresso. This cup doesn’t have a lid.

Drink Carry Trays

We stock two different styles of drink carry trays. Our main seller is the flat packed 4 cup cardboard drink carry tray, it can be purchased by the carton or as individual trays. It can easily be separated into 2 x 2 cup carry trays. So less wastage when a customer wants a tray for only 2 drinks.

We also stock the 4 cup egg board carry tray, it is a lot sturdier and available only in a carton lot.