Paper, Glassine and Foil Bags

Need a paper bag to put your take away foods in? We have a range of different bags that will suit your needs from a plain white or brown paper bag great for putting a sandwich or chip cup in. Maybe you just need a white or brown paper bag to put a small item in when someone purchases it from your store, like a postcard or a trinket. There are many different sizes to choose from.

Need something that isn’t as quick to absorb moisture then the Glassine or Greaseproof lined bags might be more what you are looking for.

The foil lined bags are great for helping to retain the heat in the food.  We stock both printed and plain chicken bags in foil as well as the plastic clip slide bags that are used in all the major supermarkets.

Our specialty bags are purpose built for specific use ranging from mushroom bags, pizza bags, record bags, cutlery bags and french stick bags just to name a few.

We also stock a range of SOS bags, these are a block bottomed thicker gsm brown paper bag just like the old style grocery bags.

Paper tin tie bags with or without a window are great for packaging coffee beans, spices or any other dried goods you wish to portion off and sell. 

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If you can’t find what you are looking for then either call us directly 5453 4440  or use the search facility on our website.