Food Boxes and Bowls, Trays and Clamshells

Need a box to put together a combo meal for your customers, we stock several options.

Plain or Printed snack boxes great for chicken and chips or even just a serve of chips. So many different uses.

Maybe you need a slightly longer box for seafood.

Catering an event and need to have meals served up in easy to hold containers then the Food Pails are perfect for this. 3 Sizes to choose as well as the option of handle or no handle.

Chip Cups and Chip Boxes with a few sizes to choose from.

Maybe you require a cardboard clam for a more environmentally friendly way to serve up your burger, hotdog or meal?

This and so many more options are available.

Getting confused with the choices and the difference between each product?  Give us a call 5453 4440  and let us help you find the right product for you.

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