Gloves, Aprons, Crimped Caps, Other PPE


Looking for some gloves to use in a food prep area. We stock both latex and vinyl gloves, we do stock a range of powdered and powder-free as well as blue and clear. Click through to our list of stock on the item you are looking for below. It will take you a list of all the gloves we keep in stock. Our range is growing as customers have different needs if the size, colour and powder combination isn’t there then give us a call 5453 4440 to discuss your requirements.

PPE items

We stock a range of items for your Personal Protection Equipment needs. This list grows as the regulations change and customers require different items. We stock crimped caps, and plastic aprons.

Click through on the links below to see a full range of stock in this category.  

If you can’t find what you are looking for then either call us directly 5453 4440  or use the search facility on our website.