Pallet Wrap, Strapping, and Buckles

Do you need to  secure some boxes onto a pallet? Or maybe you have a car engine or some wooden doors that need to be secured for freighting across the country. Or maybe it is something smaller that you just need to bundle securely together for transportation or sale.

Pallet Wrap will hold the load together it is available in two different thicknesses to suit your needs. It has a slight stretch so as you wrap it around it locks the load into place nice and firmly.

If you just need to bundle a few items together then the bundling wrap is what you may require.

Once you have the load contained with Pallet wrap you may need to secure it more firmly to a pallet,  poly strapping is the item that will do this for you.

If the load is heavy and you need something with a higher break strain, Steel Strapping maybe what you require.

We sell all the tools to secure the strapping as well as applications to make wrapping your pallets a much easier job.

Have a look through our list of products by clicking on the different items below. If you can’t see what you were looking for then give us a call 5453 4440 and we can work with you to meet your needs.